Website Design & UX/UI Consulting

For Minimalistic Brands

User-centred design that focuses on enhancing the users’ experience.

Hi! Welcome to EverDigital .

I’m Ewa, and I’m a UX/UI and website designer.

If you’re looking to create a user-centred and minimalistic yet effective website, you’re in the right place!


By combining user research with usability testing I create an attractive online presence for minimalistic brands.


I believe in simple, yet effective design solutions that attract visitors and turn them into customers. 


I help companies build and launch their products, improve their UX and product performance, or completely rebrand their identity.



Designing mobile first to deliver a modern, fast and easy-to-use front-end design through research, planning and architecture.

From user research to prototyping your new website, I can find a solution to your problem.




Why UX matter?


UX stands for user experience and focuses exactly on that - how your visitors experience your website. UX is a vital part of a website design process.

Research based

User research is an important part of website design process and key to understand your visitors' needs and wants. In short, UX tries to fulfil the users' needs.

Instils loyalty

By combining user research with design principles, UX aims to provide positive experiences that keep a user loyal to the product or brand.

Solves problem

When a client comes to the designer with a problem, most of the designers jump straight to solutions. UX focuses on understanding and solving the problem first.

Let’s chat about your new website.


I create a user-centred experience .

You’re here because:


  1. You need a new website that doesn’t only look good but works for the users.
  2. Your current website doesn’t attract anybody, and you want to know why?


Let me help you. 


In recent years, I focused on providing a solution by understanding the problem first.


UX practices combined with simple and effective website design resulted in many successful projects. 


Your website visitors don’t want to see fireworks the first time they visit your website. They want to solve their problem and find the answer to what, when, how… and they want to do it fast. 


This is why user-centred design is key for your brand to grow and keep a user loyal to your product. 


Let’s work together to create the best website for your visitors.