I’m Ewa, I’m the main designer and founder of EverDigital. 

I want to support small, minimalistic businesses and startups and help them create an attractive online presence.

I haven’t had the typical route to becoming a freelance web designer.

I’m actually entirely self-taught, practising design over weekends, constantly learning the best user experience techniques and helping friends and family with digital projects.


A few years ago, I graduated with a BA in Advertising Photography and gradually progressed to creating a web content and design websites.

I’m based in Wales and have been living here for the past 10+ years. “My accent comes from” Poland, and my name is pronounced the same as the English word “ever” 😉 


Today I craft beautiful, engaging sites that increase your leads, sales, brand awareness and help you win or retain clients. Why not to drop me a message, and we can discuss your project? 

My Values


A well-designed, responsive and intuitive website instils confidence in your clients. I strive to improve and stay on top of the most current tech and design trends, and happily share my knowledge with you to help improve your business presence.


I act in good faith, and I expect the same from my clients. I'm not going to sell you something you don’t need or lie to get your business. The way it should be (and far too often is not).


Unlike many digital agencies, I make every effort to promptly respond to your queries. My advantage is that I'm smaller (one-woman business!), and I deal with fewer clients, which means more time to communicate with you.


I make sure we get a good understanding of your organization so that I can deliver a design that communicates your values, mission and services perfectly. I don't just provide you with a beautiful design, I mainly focus on quality user experience (UX).

Ready to get started on your new website?


I never stop learning about design, business, UX, growth and how these four merge together. I enjoy posting my findings and design & growth knowledge on my Instagram page , so make sure you follow me 😉