Our Mission

EverDigital started as a simple idea to help entrepreneurs and new businesses get online. 

The goal was to create professionally designed websites that don’t require a dedicated budget… idea was born. Pay monthly websites with a one-time low upfront fee. 


Even better… we design, build, support and maintain your website. You pay for it monthly, and after a 12-months period, the website is yours. No commitment. 


Businesses should no longer have to pay £1000’s upfront or waste valuable time piecing together a website themselves using limited DIY web design tools.

Who's behind EverDigital .

I’m Ewa, I’m the main designer and founder of EverDigital. 


You’re probably wondering how to pronounce my name. This is where EverDigital took its name from 🙂 
Ewa is pronounced exactly like the English word ‘ever’, so I decided to use it in my business name!


EverDigital was created to offer a personal, one-on-one approach. Our aim is to listen to our customer’s ideas and combine creativity with practical solutions. 

How it started?

My interest in design, photography and web started many years ago. In the early time of blogs, I was creating blog themes using Photoshop and basic HTML coding. This is a history now, as technology has changed dramatically!


I then graduated with a bachelor in Advertising Photography and gradually progressed to creating a web content and design websites.


Today I craft beautiful, engaging sites that increase your leads, sales, brand awareness and help you win or retain clients. I work closely with trusted freelance specialists who take care of your website’s SEO and performance.


If you like the idea of Pay Monthly Plans, get in touch today.


What makes us different

No need for a large budget

Pay Monthly website plans don't require you to have a large dedicated budget. We understand that getting your business online can be costly, so we remove this obstacle.

No hidden fees, no surprises

All of your website costs wrapped up into one transparent monthly plan.

Full support from day one

Maintenance of your new website is on us. At least for the term of the package, we will keep your website secure and updated; we will be there if you encounter any issues.

No partially finished projects

We truly believe that a positive long term relationships are beneficial to clients and us. Commitment to a monthly plan means you don't need to worry that we partially finish your project and disappear. It's a win-win.

Our values

Constant Improvement

Years of experience taught us that a well-designed, responsive and intuitive website instils confidence in your clients. We strive to improve and stay on top of the most current tech and design trends, and share our knowledge with you to help improve your business presence.


We act in good faith, and we expect the same from our clients. We aren’t going to sell you something you don’t need or lie to get your business. The way it should be (and far too often is not).


Unlike many digital agencies, we make every effort to promptly respond to your queries. Our advantage is that we're smaller, and we deal with fewer clients, which means that we can dedicate more time to communicate with you.

prototyping process


We make sure we get a good understanding of your organization so that we can deliver a design that communicates your values, mission and services perfectly. We don't just provide you with a beautiful design, we also focus on quality user experience (UX).

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