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We’re not here to bore you with technology jargon, but if your website struggle with loading time, speed and crashes with no apparent reason, it may be due to poor hosting.


Hosting is a foundation of a successful website. Failure to provide the best one for your site will make it more susceptible to being compromised or hacked. 

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We set everything up for you and provide unlimited ongoing support.

Cloud hosting

Load balanced robust platform, no single point of failure - consistently fast.


Domain name registration with full DNS Management.

Free SSL

SSL certificate protects server-client communication making your website safe.

Unlimited bandwidth

The more bandwidth you have the more visitor activity you can accomodate.


Sites hosted by us load up to three times faster than those that rely on shared hosting.

Daily backups

We’ll protect your precious data with daily back ups and take just two clicks to restore.

Free migration

Moving your site across from old hosting to your new hosting plan is on the house.

PCI compliant

If your business takes card payments, your hosting needs to be PCI compliant.

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